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We Build With Steel Frames.

Custom Deck Solutions uses only New Castle Steel Framing.

There are three main reasons why:


  • Triple-coated steel offers consistency, durability, and reliability that other materials cannot.

  • Precise engineering ensures surfaces remain flat.

  • Its unmatched strength allows for longer spans.

  • This non-combustible material has a Class 1A fire rating and is rot- and termite-proof.


  • New Castle Steel is explicitly designed for the outdoors and code-listed for exterior use, supported by the CCRR-0186 code compliance research report.

  • All New Castle Steel products are engineered with every detail in mind, held to industry-leading standards, and protected by our 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty to prove it.


  • New Castle Steel contains 25% recycled American-made steel and is 100% recyclable, contributing to LEED points for building projects.

  • Chemical-free, kinder to the earth than pressure-treated lumber.

All of these attributes makes using Custom Deck Solutions with New Castle Steel framing worry free, and with the summer season starting up its time to enjoy a new outdoor space!

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