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We Highly Recommend Custom Lighting For Your Deck.

Everyone loves a great view, BBQ, and a party out on your beautiful custom deck, but what happens after hours? You want to keep that get together going, and you want your deck to look good while doing it. You also must keep all of your guest safe while enjoying their time outside.

The finest deck lighting takes into account all three types of light. Code requires essential lighting at doorways and stairs. Focused lighting is used to illuminate certain actions, such as grilling or eating. Ambient lighting creates a welcoming environment and illuminates dark places. All three put together is a recipe for an awesome nighttime living space!

Custom Deck Solutions would like to help you make your new deck "pop" at night! Please schedule an appointment today to find out how we could help make your dream a reality.

In the meantime check out this article from Fine Homebuilding on deck lighting!

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